It’s party time in the Pacific again

It’s Frank’s Pacific Island Party time again at the PIDF disco. Can we assume that Frank is funding all this, including airfares for all these countries, even if they’re nowhere near the pacific and want to join the party? Feleti Teo, the PIDF’s interim secretary general, said that PIDF would provide a “necessary, holistic and inclusive mechanism for the Pacific to discuss and create direct partnerships”. Frank loves talk, listening and consulting, except when it means listening to landowners, cane farmers or even citizens wanting to have their views about the constitution taken into account before he hands down his decisions carved in rock.

Fiji Sun June 4, 2014 PIDF BOOSTED

2 Responses to “It’s party time in the Pacific again”

  1. tomasi Says:

    “necessary, inclusive and holistic mechanism…..” what the fark does this mean. Is this all this useless ex-regional bureaucrat from these useless regional organizations can say or add to another useless, aimless and clueless new PIDF.

  2. Keep The Faith Says:

    Seriously how do these wankers sleep at night? Unemployment, appalling health services, failing infrastructure, no water — the list of stuff ups by an unelected and treasonous regime goes on. Yet they have the gall to continue to flaunt and party up on the taxpayers tab.

    If they think the voting populace is oblivious to it all, they could be in for a rude shock at the polls.

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