Isn’t this what new politicians should look like?

Isn't this what new politicians should look like?

Roshika Deo is the newest politician in the land. She’s even an independent. No ties to any of the old parties. This is everything Bainimarama said he stands for and yet when a young iTaukei supporter who shares her vision of a new Fiji volunteered to help her, his scholarship was cancelled. This is not just a denial of constitution rights – it’s proof that the whole Bainimarama seizure of power is built on a lie.

Fiji Times June 01, 2014 Scholarship future worries student activist

9 Responses to “Isn’t this what new politicians should look like?”

  1. Sociceni Says:

    Good on you Roshika….women like you will encourage our women to stand up for their beliefs . Good luck.

  2. Odd Says:

    Hmm – not sure what but there’s something odd or abnormal about the 2 in the photo hence will not vote for them
    My views generally reflect 90% of population who will not even bother with these minority independants

  3. FaFaFini Says:

    Which one is the girl?

  4. Aunty Nur Says:

    Roshika is mistaken. There is no such thing as “independent” candidates. Either you are with Khaiyum’s Fiji Firstor you are against him. You will be richly rewarded for supporting Khaiyum and you will be punished by Khaiyum’s Rear Admirer if you oppose. Simple rules, for simple minded people!

  5. tomasi Says:

    Go Roshika, you’re one brave lady. I do pray you win a seat and show everyone you want change.

  6. Kai Tani Says:

    tamata lialia have u seen new system? independants are just wasting space and everyones time. We don’t want minorities in leadership especially if they corrupt our kids minds

  7. USP Dictatorship Says:

    What actually happens at USP:

  8. james Says:

    Roshika will not be elected as she will not cross the magic 5% mark;

    Her votes will be wasted and hence mean that parties opposed to FF will have their share of votes reduced.

    Therefore, a vote for roshika is a wasted vote.

    Roshika is indirectly assisting FF.

    Prof Wadan Narsey will agree to that as he knows how numbers stack up.

  9. Yadra Mada Sotia Says:

    James is spot on
    Further this Lesbia gay community is misleading our kids and they must be banned from public

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