You pay so Faiz and Abdul can collect

Commerce Commission Chair Dr Mahendra Reddy, a wholly owned subsidiary of ASK Government Holdings, has announced a ten per cent increase of the Independent Power Producer tariff rate. What does that mean you ask? It means that FEA who sell electricity to you will be paying more to ‘Independent Power Producers’, ie any of the power companies generating electricity through the Abdul Khan under the counter dealing schemes. And if FEA pays more to them, then you have to pay more to the FEA. Astronergy Solar Korea Country Representative Arvind Maharaf, was on hand to say how good it was, as was Fiji Pine’s Faiz Khan. Could it be that Faiz Khan wants to talk Fiji Pine into one of Adbul Khan’s little schemes. No mention of FSC, however, as they are already signed up for co-generation via an Abdul Khan scheme. Faiz Khan gives the game away when he says “many IPP’s that have signed up PPA’s with the FEA but that has not materialized and it is our belief that the main reason is because of the tariff rates”. In other words, Fiji Pine were knocked back by the banks. That wouldn’t worry FSC because their bank is called FNPF! Sobo! When will this dirty dealing end?

Radio Fiji 27 May 2014 Fiji increases IPP tariff rate

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