Typical regime dirty tactics

A volunteer working for independent candidate Roshika Deo has had his scholarship terminated by the Tertiary Scholarship Loan Board for “associating” himself “in political agendas”. Deo said her volunteer is a high achieving student who needs the scholarship to complete his undergraduate degree. This is an outrage and shows that the Bainimarama regime has no understanding of democracy. Bainimarama seems to think the money he spends on his scholarships, like all government money, is his personal property. Does he think that this will help him win support? All it shows people is that they have to get rid of Bainimarama. They may not be able to say anything publicly. They may be afraid to even give their honest opinion to the newspaper polls. But they will remember this when in the polling booth when they can have their say outside the sight of the regime.


Fiji Times May 28, 2014 Political agenda


12 Responses to “Typical regime dirty tactics”

  1. Sevuloni Says:

    To all the Fiji Youths. This is typical of how this illegal regime supresses our rights unaccountably and dictatorially, making rules as it sees fit on a daily basis for Bhai’s and his Fiji First Party, in our own country. It withdraws scholarship to punish so unfairly and cruelly a hard working student when he was exercising his God given rights to getting involved in a legitimate way in the election process to which he was entitled.

    Please all students discuss this case of arbitrary punishment on a Fiji youth. Discuss with friends, other students, families and acquaintances and all the sundries to let them know just how suppressive this Govt is. AND TO RAM HOME THE MESSAGE THAT WE SHOULD ALL NOT VOTE BAINIMARAMA AND Fiji First Party

    Do this for Fiji….regain responsible democracy in our country please.

  2. kaput Says:

    Dear all, please see Section 23 subsection 1 of the Fiji Constitution of 2013.

  3. basic Says:

    Dear kaput, was that the burnt one of the current one ?

  4. Kaput Says:

    Dear Basic I think its the one being ignored at the moment with respect to the poor suspended scholarship student

  5. basic Says:

    Dear Kaput is there are Public Emergency which has suspended section 23(1) of the 2013 Constitution ?

  6. kaput Says:

    Dear Basic i don’t know maybe there is a Decree somewhere relating to this poor scholarship students suspension which will be produced in due course

  7. basic Says:

    Dear Kaput which comes first, the Decree or the Constitution ?

  8. kaput Says:

    Dear Basic I really don’t know because it seems the 2013 Constitution doesn’t really apply anyway for this poor suspended scholarship student.

  9. basic Says:

    Dear kaput, yes its really a very hard chicken and egg one.

    Or is it egg and chicken ?

    It is rather messed up.

  10. kaput Says:

    Dear Basic well are you saying iy depends on whether its jungli murgi or supermarket murgi ?

  11. basic Says:

    Dear Kaput how did we go from the 2013 Constitution to jungli murgi ?

    Its all so very very very jungli

  12. kaput Says:

    Eureka !

    That’s the answer we have been looking for Basic !

    Its all gone jungli !

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