Bainimarama’s health ‘plan’

Last week we drew attention to Bainimarama’s boast that he demanded “medical facilities that are clean, well maintained and salubrious”. Maybe he didn’t know how bad the CWM and all the other services, so he didn’t understand how insulting these words were. He doesn’t use any of these facilities, nor does his family and likewise none of his propagandists would dream of joining the queues everybody else has to put up with. But somebody got to him with the truth, so he had the propaganda machine put out a statement declaring that he knew all wasn’t well but he had a plan. This is the biggest insult of all. Doesn’t he think we can work out for ourselves that these lies are being put out because there’s an election? In all the years while the facilities were running down and he was flying all around the world sampling the best in health services, he couldn’t care a damn because no elections were scheduled.

Fiji Tims May 25, 2014 PM’s health concern

One Response to “Bainimarama’s health ‘plan’”

  1. Bain Says:

    Another bullshit from foolish dictator.
    Just visit any health centre or major hospital and you will notice
    -There will be no basic diagnostic facility available, if available than not working.
    -No diabetes measuring facility
    -Untrained and under qualified Doctors, Nurses, and supporting personnel
    -Only MRI machine out of order for long time
    -Poeple are dying each day due no no proper health facility
    -List goes on

    Yet this man and his health minister has no shame, but keeps boasting.It is pathetic that every hour Radio Fiji keep boasting about the defunct government who is not only borrowing from China and filling their pocket

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