PDP gets some publicity at last

Opposition parties have complained that they have problems getting publicity in our muzzled media but PDP has found a way. People’s Democratic Party President Lynda Tabuya has admitted her party is having problems finding candidates and the media is not afraid to report that. Tabuya has said that “many people are afraid to make themselves known publicly that they want to be a candidate for our party”. PDP has a lot of support among senior civil servants and trade union mebers but civil servants and trade union officials are banned from being candidates. Tabuya also said businessmen are afraid to show their support for PDP, no doubt fearing reprisals from a vindictive government.

Fiji Village: 22/05/2014 PDP faces problem in selection of candidates


3 Responses to “PDP gets some publicity at last”

  1. Jah Says:

    Thats a fact., PDP is hardly in the news despite their officials saying that they have been trying to get in the news on so many occasions. Then the president says one thing and the news twist it and say something else.

  2. avorosa Says:

    Lynda uro…!!

  3. Qaru Less Says:

    mudrau – sagai tiko mada me laucaqe o voreqe ia tikoga o iko na vaqara yalewa ,,,,,,,,,,,ossoooooobo!!

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