“Medical facilities that are clean, well maintained and salubrious”

Yes that’s exactly the words used by our iPM to tell his audience about health services in Fiji. He told his audience at the launch of the Public Service Leadership Model at the Grand Pacific Hotel that good health services include “the level of compassion, empathy and sensitivity shown by our medical staff” and facilities “that are clean, well maintained and salubrious to making patients feel good about and confident in the public health system.” We know he is so confident in our health services that he has to go overseas at regular intervals to get his health checked with health systems that “clean, well maintained and salubrious”. This is an insult to the people who are dying all the time from problems that could be treated if we had health facilities that were “clean, well maintained and salubrious”. Instead our hospitals are referred to these days as Vale ni Mate, not Vale ni Bula.

Fijilive May 21, 2014 Public service important: Bainimarama


5 Responses to ““Medical facilities that are clean, well maintained and salubrious””

  1. Keep The Faith Says:

    Good grief he’s really reaching here! Did his speech also touch on the recently subsided dengue epidemic that his and Dr Neil Sharma’s “clean, well maintained and salubrious” hospitals disintegrated under?

  2. joe black Says:

    how unfortunate he would not know what salubrious means as this bull crap would have been written by aiyaz what a pity for fiji people

  3. avenai Says:

    yawa na vocabulary. Spell mada, bet he cannot……hahahaha…..Frank you such a farking idiot!

  4. FLP Says:

    USP lecturer, Dr Nilesh Goundar seen campaigning with Biman and tupou.

    Dr nilesh paral goundar should be sacked by usp.

  5. Keep The Faith Says:

    @ FLP: Surely you are not suggesting a draconian view that an academic is not allowed to have a political point of view? Is what this man does in his quality time affecting his 9-5 obligations? Does USP have a monopoly over what staff do in their own time that they don’t pay for? Voter Rights are supposed to be guaranteed under the bullshit regime constitution, but clearly your party succumbs to the view that voter rights are what the illegal & treasonous regime deem it to be. And if you are, you are no better than what the USP is condoning for that student who unilaterally lost his scholarship from the TSLB just because he holds a certain political point of view.

    The common foe here is the regime and you and your people would be best spending your efforts on what you can offer Fiji rather than below the belt desperation. There is little appetite any longer for that junglee style of politics yaar.

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