Thank you Sitiveni

Sitiveni Raturala of the Office of the Prime Minister has declared that all iTaukei land is safe.  Under the Constitution it cannot be sold to anyone so it must be safe.  What Raturala doesn’t say is that the Constitution allows for iTaukei land to leased for a thousand years at $1 a year if that is what the Government of the day chooses to do.  It cannot be sold, but there are no restrictions on leasing it.  But we should thank Raturala for revealing that the regime is worried about land.  Bainimarama knows that his changes have angered landowners who know they were never consulted.

Fiji Village 21/05/2014 I-Taukei right well protected – Raturala

10 Responses to “Thank you Sitiveni”

  1. Tomasi Says:

    Raturala has a very good mouth to speak, but what use is a mouth without a sound mind? Someone should lend his brain to him to realise that he should not speak on topics he does not understand. To have a dictator without a brain and courage is bad. But to also have a spokesman who just mouths off propaganda and lies without any shame is absolutely ridiculous.

    But that is how desperate Khaiyum is. The shameless lies and propaganda must continue or people will know the truth and make up their own minds. Continuous bombardment upon the mass, overwhelm them with endless repetition of lies. Many will believe them. But many are not so blind.

  2. Raturala Boci Says:

    Raturala ulukau – why did you remove the entrenched legislation,,,,,,I am a native & will not vote for you boci becos now Parliamnent can change native land law whereas before it had to have the ok of my chief in the GCC…
    You are a liar ratu rala sona levu

  3. Raturala Boci Says:


    former school teacher Maika Bolatiki, now Managing Editor/News at Fiji Sun, who was convicted of indecent assault on 14-year-old- school girl!



    Bucalevu Secondary School, Taveuni: Bolatiki was convicted of indecently assaulting the 14-year-old school girl at this school
    “The complainant was a 14 year old school girl at the time of the incident. She was one of 18 students in a classroom sitting an examination. The appellant was supervising the examination. The complainant was sitting at a desk in the front row. She said that the appellant came and stood beside her on her left. She looked up and the appellant touched her breast with his left hand. She sat up and the accused slid his left hand down her stomach and right to her private part. He then rubbed her private part. He denied touching her breast or private parts…The learned Magistrate made a clear finding that he accepted the evidence of the complainant as truthful. An appellant Court would need very compelling and cogent reasons to interfere with that finding. There are no grounds to do so in this case…The appeal against conviction is dismissed”
    Justice Pain, Fiji High Court, September 1997

  4. basic Says:

    Isa vakaloloma.

    Very sad.

  5. kaput Says:

    Fiji First VP found to have been a convicted felon.

    Sa qai laurai qo na dine baleti Maika na propaganda man.

  6. kaput Says:

    How many more pedophiles, fraudsters, thieves, perverts, hustlers, coupsters etc etc etc are there to be revealed ?

    And these are the aspirants for leadership of Fiji ?

  7. basic Says:

    Io da vakavinavinaka ga.

    Sa toso tiko na toso.

  8. isikeli Says:

    And what is this story going around about:

    Ratu naiqama caught with an under-aged girl in his 4×4

    Convict mahen having affair with journalist asha lakhan, wife of a sports administrator

    Ro kepa having a fling with a young stud working for fiji’s effiel tower

  9. basic Says:

    Ratu Naiqama has never been charged for any offence. You need evidence that the woman he had that relationship is was a girl and under-aged to press a charge so until such time as he is charged for defilement that “under age” gossip is just that : gossip.

    Kakase ?

    Asha Lakhan and Mahen Chaudary had a consenting relationship between two consenting adults. That is not a crime.

    If Ro Kepa had a consenting relationship with a consenting young stud that is also not a crime.

  10. kaput Says:

    Is there also going to be a register for declaring convictions ?

    Maybe there should be one. At the rate this is going it looks like there’s a convict processing line of pedopholes, conmen and fraudsters coming out of the woodwork for these elections !

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