Does this man listen to himself?

Our non-elected PM has just stood before the United Nations in New York and delivered a lecture on the UN List of Non-Self Governing Territories.  And what was the burden of his message to the world?  We “need to listen to the people” and “we must respect and support their decision”.  He must have forgotten that he burned a draft constitution drawn up by an independent Commission which “listened” to the people.  When he produced his own draft constitution he couldn’t even find a handful of people he could trust to go through the motions of having their say on his draft.  His problem is he can’t listen to anyone, not even himself.  If he listened to what he was saying to the UN he’d realise what a hypocrite he is.

Radio Fiji May 21, 2014 Listen to the people: PM addresses decolonisation seminar

6 Responses to “Does this man listen to himself?”

  1. Kalera Says:

    Boci Bai only listen to Muslims because his mistress Naz Shameem Bainimarama is a muslim.

  2. Aunty Nur Says:

    Are you suggesting that 7000 submissions to the constitutional commission mean anything to the great Khaiyum. He is the man who writes the rules, the constitution and the play book for the future. Vote for his party and you will be rewarded.

  3. Lamusona Levu Says:

    Wow another great speech by our hero. We should all be proud of his deep and understanding intellect, we should bow to him for his command of the English language and we should thank him for bringing Khaiyum into the game.

  4. Raturala Boci Says:

    & you are a BOCI like them

  5. Sovari Says:


  6. UN is a farking joke Says:

    The UN is a farking joke. It is a sheltered workshop for unemployables and protected species. Flying around the world business class with cut and paste qualifications and achieving SFA. And employing Fiji military thugs with guns to polish their shoes.

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