The Rapist of Democracy – they were asking for it


His Minister for Women thinks that woman invite rape when they dress provocatively and go to the wrong places.  And this rapist of democracy thinks the Prime Minister he overthew in 2006 provoked him by looking like a competent administrator who fixed the economic damage left by the chaos the RFMF allowed in 2000 and Qarase definitely went to the wrong place by allowing Police investigations into the murder of CRW troops under an independent Commissioner.

3 Responses to “The Rapist of Democracy – they were asking for it”

  1. Tui Suva Says:

    Binimamara , caiti tamamu!!

  2. Lamusona Levu Says:

    The thing is that we seem to enjoy being raped and plundered. When the shaft went in deep in 2006 we screamed for more. When every promise the dicktaker made was broken, we said well done, Honourable PM. When Khaiyum started to steal our land, we said we actually don’t need it, please take more. When our freedom was trampled on and our human rights were violated we said only a few were actually killed and tortured. When the media was muzzled we believed what Sharon and Croz told us. When every senior post in the government was filled by a RFMF goon, we said these are wonderful, competent people. When the elections were stolen by Khaiyum we kissed his butt. When Aunty Nur laughed all the way to bank we offered her more. And most importantly, when Khaiyum destroyed our culture, our identity and our dignity, we screamed deeper, harder faster. We are a sorrow bunch of cowards and we got exactly what we deserve!

  3. avenai Says:

    Lamusona levu speak for yourself you motherfarking coward son of a bitch or go up to QEB and offer your bid asshole to those guys.

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