Mr SoE we are watching

Our Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem has declared that 14,000 staff will be employed for the coming elections and they will be selected on merit.  He says “the applicants will then undergo a series of tests.  Results of these tests will be used to determine an order of merit for positions in each polling station”.  What test, administered by who?  Saneem has no idea of just how many people are watching what he’s doing.  If Master Smarty Pants (short, of course) thinks he can blow smoke in the face of the Electoral Commission and can safely ignore complaints about how he does his job, he needs to read the constitution.  The Electoral Commission is the boss.  The Constitution states clearly that “The Supervisor of Elections must comply with any directions that the Commission gives him or her concerning the performance of his or her functions.”  The NFP is already questioning why civil servants are being ruled out for the 14,000 strong poll worker force.  When the Saneem machine goes into action many eyes will be watching.


Fijilive May 20,2014 Polling officials to be selected on merit.

5 Responses to “Mr SoE we are watching”

  1. Arfana Nisha Says:

    Mr Saneem is very intelligent. He was the best person for the job. He is also very handsome. He should be running in the election. He would get my vote. He is Fiji’s future. Bright and Beautiful.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Mr Saneem is a punk who knows nothing about what he is doing. Very soon he will be in Naboro prison with his pals, baini and aiyarse.

  3. Lamusona Levu Says:

    Mr Smarty Pants better get going! Recruiting and training 14 000 people is not a small feat. But then again the only thing they need to know is that Khaiyum’s party must win the elections.

  4. The Boys Says:

    you sound desperate ,,,call me on 911

  5. isikeli Says:

    Best SOE by far.

    Much much better than conman karavaki

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