Should the Fiji Sun be sanctioned?

With all the criticism flying at her Jiko Luveni has accused the Fiji Sun of distorting her statements about rape.  She’s crying that she’s never blamed rape victims for inviting rapists to attack.  It was only the Fiji Sun that made it look like she did.  So is she going to make a complaint to the Media Industry Development Authority?  Will Ashwin Raj bring down the full weight of all his powers on the Fiji Sun?  If Ashwin Raj is anything other than a puppet of the regime he’ll take action but then we all know that he is a puppet, just like the Fiji Sun.

6 Responses to “Should the Fiji Sun be sanctioned?”

  1. Keep The Faith Says:

    It is highly unlikely that The SunK will be sanctioned.

    Oh sure, they will be publicly humiliated as the whipping boy of a colossal stuff up by the party president of Fiji Foist and the reporter Farisha Ahmed will be tokenistically tut-tutted, but at the end of the day CJ Patel needs to pay the bills and roll out profits while taxpayers groan under the dead weight of this fictitious newspaper.

    The proof will be whether Luveni manages to grace The SunKs ‘cocoNut whiskers’ pages with cutting commentary (as other political parties have been subjected to), or whether she can still lock down flattering shots with sewing machines and nondescript vote-buying events in the front pages.

  2. Keep The Faith Says:

    Oh and further to the non-sanction on the illegal & treasonous regimes pet presstitute outlet, do not expect any miracles from MIDA or as vigorous & vociferous a lambasting as Rt Vesikula was on the receiving end of.

    Ashwin Raj is probably too busy doing coffee and cigarettes playing the hip, “cool” dude in the coffee shops as he so publicly & eloquently admitted recently.

  3. james Says:


    So the election bell has rung and political parties are running to people to cash votes. Some parties are registered and some not registered still allowed to campaign with tax payers dollars. No doubt parties will barrage people with their manifestos, past records, candidate’s perception and off course giving lollipops.
    However to me this election will be unique and will go down into the history of Fiji. In my view this election is only about evil versus good, justice vs injustice, truth vs lies , ethics vs unethics, principle vs unprincipled , rule of law vs, jungle law, freedom vs captivity, tyrant vs liberator and finally 1997 constitution vs baikum constitution . This election is also about good governance and what we are leaving for youths, new born and more for next generation.
    Many people including around world they are praising this circus or animal farm we can call, for road development, picnic spot creativity and killing of all the Fijian customs etc. However this coup has diluted or destroyed many institutions which were unprecedented in previous coup. Institutions such as Judiciary, Police, Universities, Schools. Again I ask people of Fiji what legacy are we leaving to the next generation. Roads and buildings will come and go (just see after the floods damaged roads) but the reputation of this institution will be hard to built over night.
    What has Bainimarama and his junglee supporters done to its prestige? I asked every children, friends, parents whose next of kin are part of this circus, to see in their eyes and question them what have they done. Are we slowly installing like coup culture, culture of violence, raping of democracy, treason, thug, deception, torture, extortion and murders. Later it may become an extra curriculum in schools as that’s what this illegal junta is demonstrating.
    Therefore by voting this Bainimarama circus we are endorsing all these poisons in the society. For records sake Bainimarama /Khaiyum has:
    • Taken away our freedom of speech
    • Taken away our right to live freely
    • Taken away our land
    • Given debt of $7.5b to pay
    • Given flawed constitution
    • Making insult and torture as norm for any uprising
    • Corruption and nepotism
    Bainimarama as person is a failed person, failed leader, failed military man hence will failed the nation .If ever there is a elected government , Bainimarama and his circus team all should be tried for treason .
    If Bainimarama /Khaiyum are so confident that they have done good to Fiji why so much restriction in election, why not just fight under old system where chance of vote rigging is nil. But current system chance is very high and I have a clue what they up to.

    Finally it is now with the people to decide what society they want to built, again VOTE FOR BAINIMARAMA IS VOTE FOR EVIL, CORRUPTION AND TORTURE. Please cast your vote carefully as you may get this only chance and if he comes in power there may be no more election until he dies a dog death. Only issue in this election will be Good vs Evil, rest issues are garbage’s.

  4. kaput Says:

    So who are the good guys James ?

    As far as I can see its one set of bad guys versus another set of bad guys (Everybody had a hand in the 2000 and 2006 coup d’état in one way or another – FLP, SDL aka Sodelpa, PDP, Bainimarama etc etc etc).

    And all the bad guys are today claiming the moral high ground i.e I am a better bad guy then that other really bad guy.

    Take a break, forget about the sloganeering, have a tea and think about it for a minute.

  5. basic Says:

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  6. The Boss Says:

    Choice between two devils, really

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