F*** the election, I’m going to inaugurate Nazhat

Even though he has a lot of campaigning to do, Bainimarama is taking time out to go to Geneva next month to ‘inaugurate’ Nazhat Shameem as Ambassador to the United Nations.  Aslam had better make sure he can take time off from his busy job in Suva to be there for her ‘inauguration’.  He wouldn’t want Frank ‘inaugurating’ her without him.

Radio Fiji 15 May 2014 PM to open Fiji’s diplomatic mission in Geneva


6 Responses to “F*** the election, I’m going to inaugurate Nazhat”

  1. Avineet Says:

    Shame on you for posting this type of article. Hope you or your partner do have multiple affairs – no wonder you think same about others. Indian woman with fijian man – you must be out of your mind.

  2. Kalera Says:

    Naz will get the bedroom ready for Bai and then………I wana see this honeymoon video

  3. indian boyfriends Says:

    beware ,,,recently a girl from our village bought in a indian boy intro him ,,,,after a few visits the indi started asking the fijian girl about her mataqali boundaries ,,,,,
    he was kicked out immediately…….

  4. Aslam Says:

    @ Avineet

    You say “Indian woman with fijian man – you must be out of your mind.”

    So you are saying that the reason why Nazhat could not have seduced Bainimarama (or vice versa) and had ‘sexual relations’ is because no Indian woman would ever have sex with a FijiMrt rtian?

    Is it just me or is that racist?

    I thought such thinking no longer existed. Wasn’t it abolished in the Bainimarama constitution?

    Please tell me your joking.

  5. Kalera Says:

    @ Aslam, hey you boci Khan, why cant you take care of your wife? This woman of yours has been seducing Bai and you have been given awards for running good business. You must find out who fathered your kids Boci Aslam.

  6. Moses Says:

    The pig is spending time out to inaugurate mother pig in Geneva. History will record them as the class of 2006 pig sty!!

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