Why can’t people have a say?

The unelected AG has said people criticising his ballot paper covered in numbers are insulting the intelligence of Fijians.  He said people can use mobile phones so they should be able to understand the numbers on the ballot paper.  And how many people have mobile phones?  Over 100% he says.  There are more SIMs than there are people, therefore everyone has a mobile phone, therefore everyone can understand his ballot paper.  If Khaiyum thinks every voter has a mobile phone let him visit some remote villages and see how many of the older iTaukei citizens have phones.  Why can’t the people have a say?  Let NGOs who deal with the people have an input.  They didn’t get any say in the Konstitution but let them have a say in the ballot paper.

Fiji Times May 11, 2014 Objection insults Fijians

8 Responses to “Why can’t people have a say?”

  1. Aunty Nur Says:

    People can’t have a say when their views differ from those of our great leader Khaiyum. He is a very determined man and has no intention to cater for the wants and needs of some uneducated peasant in the village. All he wants is the villagers land, not a stupid discussions that questions his decision. Some call it a dictatorship, some call it autocratic rule. We in the Khaiyum family call it a licence to steal from everyone and we will not surrender this licence because there is an election.

  2. Tomasi Says:

    Each time Aiyaz opens his mouth, arrogance, pride and self righteousness ooze out. Fiji has become his private domain. The government has become his empire. The army has become his slaves. The police has become his servants. The judiciary has become his puppets. Voreqe has become his lapdog. What a cunning, evil coward he is. He controls all things, including the elections. He even controls the results and the press that will make the announcement. Please wake up Fiji. Its time to act.

  3. Anita Says:

    The absence of picture and political logo on the ballot paper will put everyone on the same footing.

    In fact, the most recognisable face is that of Frank. Hence, the number makes Frank lose his competitive edge.

    Maybe, biman and others would like to re-think about the court case as if they win the case, they will give the comparative edge to Frank.

  4. Tomasi Says:

    Anita, I get what you are saying. But the picture speaks a thousand words. It is an image esily captured in our memories. Think about the ordinary people. It would much easier for them to remember the picture of their preferred candidate or party. Now why would Khaiyum remove the pictures when they are the best way to identify people? You say it would help them because of Voreqe’s popularity? I don’t think so.

    This just goes to show two things. They know Voreqe is not very popular and he will not get the people’s majority vote, even after handing out all the sewing machines and toilets and classrooms. Even after the false newspaper polls by the Fiji Darkness.

    The other is the possibility of confusing the voters and an even more fraudulent and evil motive. It is easier to rig the votes with numbers. Now think about the harsh decree to heavily fine the voters and threaten them with imprisonment if they bring anything that reminds the who to vote for? What was that for? If we can answer that, we can get closer to finding the real aim and goals and strategies of this election scam.

  5. Dredd Says:

    If anyone is insulting the Fijians its iarse himself. How can we have over 100% of people having mobiles. Thats just plain ludicrous and dumb and exposes iarse as a naive simpleton uttering nonsense. How can we more than 100% when the max is 100%. True we mayt have more phones than the population what is the analysis of the figure e.g. how many have lapsed or how many are second or third handsets of one owner. Throwing raw unanalysed stats is really stupid if he thinks people will believe his figures. Yes many of us are intelligent enough to see iarse’s stupidity and bad logics.

  6. FLP Says:

    Let’s go on with the election.

    Name, symbol or number.
    Let’s stop complaining.

    FLP with convict Mahen will note make it past 5%.

    SDL rigged the last elections. Even EU said it.

    FPSA staff rigged it in 1999 to help FLP wipe out NFP.

    Let’s not hide behind the curtain.

    Thw reason these political parties don’t want AG is because they know how they themselves manipulated the elections previously.

  7. Tomasi Says:

    @FLP, you are either an idiot or a stupid fool or both. I am sorry, but that is exactly what I think of you when I read your posting above. But hey, that is not surprising. You are a regime troll. You support another half schooled coward and traitor as PM. Your days are numbered. Change is coming to Fiji. We the people have decided. Go Tell Voreqe I am predicting his downfall is coming very soon, much sooner than he and all his supporters like you think. Vinaka

  8. Tomasi Snr Says:

    Fiji first will win landslide victory my son. Go ask your grand father.

    Looks like tomasi is a lazy bum who just wants SDL or sly doper to come back to power. In your dreams.

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