The Madam is doing a runner

What better sign that Bainimarama is going to lose in September than the news that 2006 coup conspirator Nazhat Shameem has lined herself up a job at the taxpayers expense as Ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva.  How many Ambassadors to the UN does one small nation need?  Isn’t New York enough?  And we can all be sure that while she’s in Geneva she’ll be working hard to bring herself up to speed on extradition law.

Radio Fiji 8 May 2014 Diplomatic posting for Shameem

17 Responses to “The Madam is doing a runner”

  1. Keep The Faith Says:

    Or perhaps she’s volunteered herself to keep her tabs on any International Criminal Court (ICC) developments pertaining to the illegal & treasonous regime & all their cronies.

  2. Adria deri Says:

    Irrespective of how far you run….you will still be caught… are so cunning Shameems……can’t believe you can do this to the poor Fijians……you have contributed to the Fiji downfall. You have contributed to a corrupt Fiji….you have contributed to the failure of our beautiful innocent children……you have failed our hardworking seniors… have assisted a corrupt government that drained our beautiful Fiji of educated future leaders… have helped bring on the most corrupt government of Bainivuaka and corrupt Khiyum… have contributed to the abuse of human rights in Fiji…………BUT the good thing is we the people of Fiji will remember you and the cronies very well…….you have disturbed our peace for too long that even the good deeds you think you are attempting to do will be null and void because your actions and support of coup members is engraved in our brains…….remember we are not stupid……we do not have dementia to forget what you have done…..we remember you vividly just like it happened yesterday……the traces of your bad track is too big to erase…….remember we Fijians are educated too….some of us are much more educated than you and your cronies and we know the law too……we don’t forget that easy…… run away now while you can and be rest assured that we will be sending for you soon after this corrupt government you support is democratically removed from power……..and finally your resting place in Korovou will be waiting………….hmmm…..I just can’t wait for the day……….god bless my beautiful Fiji

  3. Julie Says:

    Keep the Faith, dont be surprised when she returns after 2014 election to take over CJ’s post. That is the plan!!!

  4. Julie Says:

    Btw I don’t think ICC PROSECUTES illegal coups. They prosecutes genocide.

  5. FLP backbencher Says:

    Just another post full of racial venom and hatred.

    Her rise during the SVT and even SDL govt tenure speaks volume.

  6. Keep The Faith Says:

    @ Julie:

  7. lau lass Says:

    She is heading to the Swiss Bank where they have stashed all the money from Fiji, Nur Bano & all the muslim crooks !!!

  8. lau lass Says:

    Next on the run will be Airse !

  9. Bruse Says:

    I hope Airse runs away. Actually he should have been sent away as an ambassador of nowhere out of Fiji. Nazhat would have made a good AG.

  10. navosavakadua Says:

    @FLP Backbencher

    Cut the race crap. She’s got to be a judge on merit. Who’s saying otherwise?

    But the fact is she’s guilty of treason. Her role in the ousting of the Chief Justice is clear and on the record. She knows that and she’s smart enough to work out the risks she faces if the whole deal unravels.

    Forget the Swiss bank account theory. She may fear an election will lead to an investigation of the crimes of the regime and its associates, despite the tailor-made constitution, but her real motivation is a desire to join the human rights bureaucracy. She’ll be sniffing out jobs in Geneva. Nazhat just doesn’t get it. She’s been part of a regime subject to significant human rights abuse allegations.

    She’s as much a part of the regime as the brutal thugs caught on video torturing the escaped prisoner.

  11. muslim iman Says:

    This muslim bajaru (Nazhat) and her husband needs to be raped, farked up the ass, skinned alive and fed to the dogs. That’s what a conniving, embittered and promiscuous manipulator deserves. Curse her and husband (equally bad) to hell!! They have been instrumental in what has led to so much pain for s many people in Fiji.

  12. Goodman Says:

    This lade has nice lips

  13. tualeita Says:

    @ muslim iman & Goodman.

    You’re both full of hate…lol and have lost track of the point.

    When in Switzerland, Nazhat will be in a postion to quickly disappear when the election results are not to her liking. She will not come back to Fiji when her co-conspirators Bainimarama and Khaiyum lose.

  14. Ana Tuiketai Says:

    So much hatred shown by people who lost power. I am not saying Frank is a saint. This government is no better than Qarase government. Corruption and racism is still at it’s best.

    But someone be raped – I am not in favour of such things with anyone. I hope one day law will show it’s course on all those who have done wrong.

    This appointment of Nazhat Shameem is surely not right.

  15. Anita Says:


    Was Chaudary appointing his son right?
    Was he appointing his bro in law as a senator right?

    Was he doing extra curricular activities with one asha lakhan right – tea lady saga?

  16. Frozen Says:

    @ Anita

    Both Chaudhary and Bainimarama committed nepotism one way or the other. There are some differences though. Chaudhary was elected by the people and none of those he appointed were criminals. Bhainimarama on the hand is a murderer, a torturer, a thief, who was not elected by the people. He appointed his daughter to be CEO of Fiji Sports Council, his convicted brother-in-law who was jailed for manslaughter was paid full salary while imprisoned and to add salt to the wound was released after six months and promoted to Permanent Secretary. Isn’t this a daring nepotism of the highest order? The Civil Service regulations quite explicitly states that no one with a criminal background can become a civil servant. Yet Baini bulldozes his way through with his relatives.

  17. Kalera Says:

    Not much difference though. What Qarase and Chaudhary did, Bai is breaking the record. Chaudhary was entertaining Asha Lakhan is his office and Bai has promoted his sweetheart naz shameem as Un Rep. Now Bai will fly to Geneva and have a nice honeymoon with Naz sponsored by tax payers.

    Can someone video this honeymoon night for me, I am dying to watch it.

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