Oh, I didn’t tell you…

Bainimarama was so desperate to appoint an Indo-Fijian Vice President of his party he thought that he could overlook a conviction for theft.  Bijai Brasad tried claiming that MCP has been convicted twice, while he’s just a oncer, but even this isn’t true.  He was also convicted in Australia of failing to declare his conviction and stripped of citizenship.  So that’s two convictions, and neither of them in rigged courts.  It took bloggers five minutes to turn up his convictions, so who’s fooling who here.  Yet again Bainimarama and Khaiyum have shown that they think they can manufacture the truth to suit themselves.  And the final touch to this monumental pile of still steaming dog turd – Khaiyum says they will no replace Prasad as Vice President because his decree only calls for five party officials.  Thank you for confirming you can’t find an Indo-Fijian leader with any credibility to fill the position.

Fiji Village: 08/05/2014 Bijai Prasad steps down as VP of proposed Fiji First

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