It’s obvious thjat the Fiji First Family Party had to come up with a senior Indo-Fijian in its line-up, but why Bijiai Prasad?  Is he the best FFF could do?  If Frank wanted to do away with his top two rivals by using trumped up convictions why did he appoint a convicted thief as one of his Vice Presidents?  Is that the best he could do?  And isn’t he one of those “old politicians” Bainimarama used to talk about?  If this is the best Frank can do, he has problems.

6 Responses to “Why?”

  1. Lamusona Levu Says:

    The choice is very deliberate it sticks it to FLP and SODELPA and means in plain speak: Look guys, I can get away with leader who is a convicted criminal while you poor bastards cannot have your leaders because Khaiyum convicted them of trumped up charges.

  2. Tomasi Says:

    I reckon that we are simply witnessing the real person that is Voreqe. He is very simple minded, confused and so desperate to save himself. Its survival mode always for him. I really feel sorry for the man, yet I feel for our country more. What a shame that we have allowed this idiot and criminal to rule over us for 7 years and more. That speaks volumes about us the people of Fiji. What are we going to do about it? Let’s unite and demand that the regime step aside. Please Fiji. Let’s get Voreqe and his criminal gang to go.

  3. Adria deri Says:

    Thank you Bijai Prasad for tricking Bainivuaka and khaiyumboidada…..they did not even know that you just tricked them into picking you and letting them suffer the consequences when you will be dropped again after 2 days……as qai bio levu ga mai na da!

  4. Adria deri Says:

    Now Bijay is just laughing and celebrating behind the scene after he has exposed the mentalities of Bainivuaka and Kaiyumboinada…….hehehehe……..drau Yavu ulukau……Bijay was just tricking you into picking him to be ur leader……in the election he will pick SODELPA and not FF……..sorry

  5. tualeita Says:

    The exposure of Vijay’s activities during those days in Nadi Airport has left many of Bainimarama’s stalwart supporters dumbfounded and fearful that they will lose more weaker supporters.
    Bainimarama has been very disappointed with Vijay in not explaining himself fully before running for leadership in the FFP.

  6. kendo Says:

    PIDF is not recognised in all the Pacific countries.,,Why?,,because it was set by Fiji unelected government intentions to attract other Pacific countries to gang up with her. Now on, the PF is still hold the power to control all issues related countries of the Pacific Forum.,,,

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