Fiji Airways panic

The regime propaganda machine is working overtime to hose down concerns about Fiji Airways and the loans FNPF has made to buy the new A330s. Ever since the big bump that grounded one of the expensive A330s, people have been talking about how safe their FNPF funds are in the hands of Fiji Airways. So the regime has announced that its inquiry into how the accident happened are over but they can’t say what they’ve found. They’ve said nothing about the problems with pilot training and they’ve claimed that they’re paying off the FNPF loans faster than planned. All we can conclude from this is that the regime is worried about what people are saying, even if it can never be printed in the muzzled media.

Radio Fiji May 07, 2014 Internal investigations completed at Fiji Airways

Fiji Sun May 7, 2014 National Airline FJ, FNPF in loan ‘win-win’

One Response to “Fiji Airways panic”

  1. Tomasi Says:

    Friends, as you will know, Air Pacific was a very important part of Fiji’s strategic development plan and goals. It really saddens us to see these bunch of half wits tampering in things they do not really understand. I only hope that Fiji Airways will continue to fly and soar higher into the business skies for the sake of our tourism, our economy and people’s welfare.

    Now that Fiji Ports has been “sold” to someone, and our new airbus birds belong to Waqavuka, the question is, Whither shall we go? Where shall we be sometime from now? Time will tell, but we can surely speculate intelligently, based on what is happening today.

    Oh my Fiji. You were once so beautiful, our source of pride and joy to the world. What bright prospects you once had. The sky was the limit for you. But the thieves and robbers and murderers and liars and torturers came. People sold their souls for a farthing and a dollar and a piece of bread and wine.

    You my Fiji have become sick. You are dying slowly. I can feel your pain and anguish. Tell me what I must do to save you, to resuscitate you, to restore your fortunes, and to reinstate your glory. Tell the people what we must do, together as a nation. What can we do to save you, our one and only FIJI. Tell us what we must do, before it is too late.

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