What happeened to the Kiuva?

In 2009 our Minister for Sugar launched a new variety of sugar cane called Kiuva.  It was so important that he had to grant it the name Kiuva and he said it would largely replace the dominant ‘Mana’ variety in Viti levu.  Five years later the ‘Mana’ variety is still going strong so the all conquering Minister Sugar has released two new varieties, Qamea and Viwa.  So where is the Kiuva?  Bainimarama’s speech at the launch of Kiuva makes good reading now, as he sang its praises reading all the words put in front of him by puppet masters who have thrived under his incompetent management.

Fiji Times May 03, 2014 A boost for sugar industry http://www.fijitimes.com/story.aspx?id=267354

One Response to “What happeened to the Kiuva?”

  1. Sugar 14 Says:

    Mana variety had been the dominant cane variety for many, many years and will still be in the future. Sugar Research had taken them many years of research and trials for new cane varieties with high sugar content and high cane fibre to be planted by our cane farmers. The main focus was for more sugar production, more return and fuel for Co-generation plants in Fiji Mills. Thus 2 new cane varieties (Qamea and Viwa) were recently launched by the PM. It’s been noted that these two new cane varieties are early maturity cane, etc, and also possessing high sucrose content and high fibre content. These needs to be ascertained once more farmers plant these cane varieties and also tested out in the mills. The soon to be adoption of the cane quality system (NIR) would track down and record sucrose content plus fibre for each cane varieties, etc. Farmers would be interested to know the sucrose content plus fibre in cane results of these two new varieties as it will directly affect their own pocket. Farmers will only revert to high sucrose content variety cane in the future if cane quality system is adopted. That will certainly change their mind to plant more cane with high % sucrose, be it Mana, Waya, Viwa, Qamea, kaba, Batiri or any other cane varities, etc.

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