The Frank Land Bank exposed

The Frank Land Bank boss, Permanent Secretary for Lands Tevita Boseiwaqa, has admitted that landowners cannot take their complaints about how their lands are being administered by the Land Bank to court.  Instead Boseiwaqa said landowners can take their complaints up “through mediation and dialogue between stake holders outside the court”.  Only iTaukei landowners are subject to this kind of law.  Owners of freehold land can take their grievances to court, but iTaukei landowners have to settle for “dialogue”, begging for their rights instead of claiming then like other citizens.  We are all Fijians now, with a common and equal citizenry, so why isn’t iTaukei land afforded the same protection as freehold land?


Radio Fiji 1 May 2014 Land Use Decree in the interest of the landowners.

2 Responses to “The Frank Land Bank exposed”

  1. Alpha Says:

    all I Taukei’s should think carefully before casting their votes and choose the party that will safeguard their land rights. Kaiyum ,Aziz, shameen and Frank are working so hard to take your God given land ownership away from you.

  2. Alpha Says:

    My advise to all my I-taukei friends do not let the government lease your land………………..

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