Hand going for the back

Here we see the hand of the I (for illegal) AG ready to reach into the back of our new Commander, hoping that Tikoitoga will be his glove puppet, just like his predecessor.  The new Commander’s left hand looks like it’s in position to block the attempt.  Let’s hope he succeeds.

10 Responses to “Hand going for the back”

  1. Aunty Nur Says:

    Nobody blocks our great Honourable Khaiyum. Tiko has been had picked by him as the alternative Aziz would have been a considerable risk. But Tiko, boy his intelligence is in Bainimarama territory which means that he should actually be in St Giles. A man who will show anticipating obedience and total pliability in the hands of the greatest leader Fiji ever had.

  2. kkk Says:

    wow khaiyum showing his true colours. how does it feel up in there up in a moron’s asshole?

  3. Alpha Says:

    Tikoitiga is a disgraced to all Kandavuans……being a puppet to Frank and Kayum…..your days are numbered ..come election time where you will pay for the unnecessary murder and torture of innocent civillians.
    There is another Justice that your missing which is God’s justice!

  4. Sakaraia Vakatawa Says:

    See body language. Tikoitoga show sign of nervousness like he doesnt want his photo taken with Kum!.

  5. Sakaraia Vakatawa Says:

    And Kyaum showing like he own Tikoitoga!

  6. Aunty Nur Says:

    Indeed the Honourable Khaiyum owns not only the RFMF lock stock and barrel, he will soon own the land of the lazy Taukies who love to be rooted by him.

  7. iTaukei kei Viti. Says:

    Aunty Nur, mind what you say. The iTaukei has Fiji under their Name, whilst you and your Nephew, and bang lot of you, belong to a No Man’s Land. You have no place or country of abode. You are floating lot. So leave the iTaukei as they are.


  8. Kai Kadavu Lialia Says:

    We the people of Kadavu organised a celebration for Tikoitoga. Ur a liar. It was really stupid of us cause we are fools.

  9. Tomasi Says:

    My humble request to our tauvu is to advise Mo to do the right thing. Its very simple. Two simple but very important choices.

    1. Do the right thing. protect the nation ( people) from the usurpers.Receive God’s protection and blessing.

    2. Protect Bai and his gang of criminals and expect God’s wrath and the people’s righteous anger.

    I hope and pray he will do the right thing. By the way, you did what was right by bestowing him honour upon his promotion and appointment. Never regret doing the right thing. Vinaka

    • iTaukei kei Viti. Says:

      Yr msge is received Tomasi, it may be difficult, because one is in Politics and the other in the Military. But if yr Tauvu is able to carry out your advice, good!

      Yr Tauvu just might be dreading the day, when he is taken in for Treason, and yr advice might be simple, it is a little hard for them to speak up as such, but Mo has spoken publicly and to the military, they will not touch politics, and just the other day, he was seen pictured with Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, and it seems as ASK was still in control of the military. In the quiet they all try and back each other up, after all Mo received his pay raised, and his new title settled.

      They all should be in reality, with their hearts and minds on all the children and peoples of Fiji, and their land.

      Mo in the military will have to step aside, leave politics as he said he would, and just remain independent for the military, though he was a great supporter of yr Tauvu.

      They all try and combat each other, because of the wrongs.

      Pse just tell the ASK the Muslim, to step aside, and let Fijians deal with their own Fijian Business.

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