Who does Abdul Khan think he’s fooling?

Dumb and Dumber – the targets of Abdul Khan’s lies

In June last year Abdul Khan told us FSC had a new “mystery buyer” for whatever sugar FSC manages to produce.  Like everything Abdul Khan says, it looked like a lie, and so it was.  Now Abdul Khan has confirmed that all the raw sugar manufactured in the 2013 crushing season has been sold to long time customers Tate and Lyle.  So what about the new mystery buyer?  What sort of contract did Abdul Khan have with this buyer?  Is the mystery buyer going to sue FSC?  Once again this proves that Abdul Khan is the world’s worst liar.  It looks like all his lies are aimed to fooling only two men – the Dumb and Dumber of our sugar industry – Manasa Vaniqi and Frank Bainimarama.

Radio Fiji 28 April 2014 All sugar sold out to the EU http://www.fbc.com.fj/fiji/19474/all-sugar-sold-out-to-the-eu

Fijilive June 17, 2013 FSC in final talks with new buyer http://fijilive.com/news/2013/06/fsc-in-final-talks-with-new-buyer/54183

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