Can we afford Frank’s big ego?

The Interim Regime is spruiking its Pacific Island Development Forum as if it’s the saviour of the Pacific.  We already have the Pacific Island Forum and the Secretariat in Suva funded by our major aid donors but after the Forum suspended the regime, Bainimarama thought it would be smart to start his own club and elect himself chief donor.  They say Federated States of Micronesia Ambasssador to Fiji, Gerson Jackson, is PIDF’s Interim Chair while Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama is chair of the organisation’s governing council.  So what’s the difference between being Chair of the Forum and chair of the organisation’s governing council?  If Bainimarama thinks he can buy votes with this showing off he’s making a big mistake.  This is not much better than his flying himself and his useless First Family around the world first class at taxpayer’s expense.

Radio Fiji 28 April 2014 More countries likely to join PIDF

2 Responses to “Can we afford Frank’s big ego?”

  1. Keep The Faith Says:

    Awesome innit? Now regional governments will have first-hand experience of what citizens of Fiji have been enduring with the illegal & treasonous Bainimarama’s ‘my way or the highway’ approach, while the remaining not-so-naive regional govts laugh their asses off at the soon to occur fall-out.

  2. Pacific Idiots and Dumb Forum Says:

    As if its not enough to have the existing regional organizations bitching and fretting amongst themselves, but not really being relevant to development at national level. We then have this ill- founded setup to contest with those existing ones. Fiji is really the laughing stock here and KTF is so true. This is typical of regime solution, if it doesn’t kow tow with our agenda then remove it and create another one. Removing PIFS was not so simple, but they can still create the PIDF alternative. Who will bankroll this monster? or who can afford to dish out additional subventions out of the PICs? MSG itself is desperate for overdue subs. Just get rid of the whole damn lot PIDF, SPC, PIFS, SPREP, and others. They are becoming another unnecessary layer of bureaucracy and have only undermined national governments ability to resolve more of their issues.

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