A shit storm ahead

It looks like the new Police Commissioner from South Africa will be flying into a hurricane force shit storm when he lands.  A deputy Commissioner of Police has just been sacked by an Acting Commissioner.  The reason given, insubordination.  There’s no mention of any kind of due process.  Just ‘My Way or the Highway’, the normal modus operandi of the Bainimarama regime.  And to make matters worth, we now have the loud mouth Chief of Operations, Rusiate Tudravu, declaring that the Fiji Police Force already has the numbers it needs to manage the election which they say they can hold on one day.  Is this going to be an excuse to bring in the army to help the police man the polling booths on election day?

Radio Fiji 29 April 2014 Deputy Police Commissioner sacked


2 Responses to “A shit storm ahead”

  1. Ronald Madhwan Says:

    Is the Editor of this page a high school student?

  2. Vinaka Chaudry Says:

    u sound like a maichod from kindy

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