Another unhappy birthday?


This is the miserable bunch that turned up to celebrate the dictator’s birthday last year.  Now it’s his 60th will they be any happier?  Certainly Ravi Narayan won’t be over-joyed after being passed over for the job of Police Commissioner while Aziz will be feeling no better after being leap-frogged by his junior for the job of Commander RFMF.

5 Responses to “Another unhappy birthday?”

  1. JJ Says:

    These black uniforms really look a bit like the Waffen SS!

  2. Suliasi Mate Says:

    Nimilote murder by the Fiji Military

    And the man who authorised this murder and tortures of many of our citizens is asking us to vote him into power. NO WE WILL NEVER VOTE FOR the torturer, murderer and criminal.

  3. asivorosi Says:

    breathe in everyone. Who farted?

  4. Keep The Faith Says:

    They better suck up the ‘unhappy’ vibe because once they hit the Naboro highway, unhappiness will be the least of their problems.

  5. Failures at High School Says:

    Majority of those in pics were either average or at the end of the class in terms of academic performance. That’s why we went to usp and they joined the police & army as at that time only F4 pass was required. And yet they think they can do the thinking for us.

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