The wrong bet


Long ago Khaiyum realised that Larry Claunch was a paleface who spoke with a forked tongue but Larry’s buddy, Frank, who it seems can be bought for the price of a feather hat, stuck by the Casino Developer.  Now the Snoqualmie Tribe, who have also been in business with Claunch, have also pulled the plug, after Claunch’s One Hundred Sands defaulted on a $US1.5million ($F2.73m) loan which was due to the tribe in February 2014.  It seems he borrowed the money from them to hire the diggers and erect the signs on the various casino sites and also to make the default payments to Khaiyum.  If Frank can’t see now he’s been taken for a ride by a con-man, he should resign and go back to fish on his new sea wall in Kiuva.  Frank should also make sure the payments are returned to the Snoqualmie Tribe.

Fiji Times April 24, 2014 Tribe quits casino deal

5 Responses to “The wrong bet”

  1. Brus Says:

    This wonderful casino is now the jewel in Khaiyum’s crown as trade minister. It sits right next to the oil refinery build by Venezuela, the bridge between Viti Levu and Vanua Levu built by the Chinese, the ethanol plant also built by China and the Pacific Development Forum built by Bainimarama himself.

  2. Keep The Faith Says:

    You forgot the ‘free and fair elections’ comedic sketch now playing to a yawning audience Brus.

  3. Brus Says:

    What about the rebuilding of the sugar industry?

  4. Lamusona Levu Says:

    Actually, I think that our great leader Frank should wear this gear during his campaigning. It would mitigate the offence that he is committing by campaigning without a registered party. And we all love a good circus show don’t we?

  5. Keep The Faith Says:

    You’ve got my vote LL.

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