Saneem should attend to his own responsibilities

The jumped-up junior who is our Election Supervisor has told all citizens they must register if they want to be eligible to vote.

Instead of delivering lectures to his elders, Saneem should get busy and work out what he needs to do to make sure that they are able to register.  If political parties spend the funds needed to make sure that people can get to the places where they can register Saneem will want to count every cent they use and make sure it complies with the Election Decree of the unelected government.  He needs to have a good look at himself.  Can someone help him stand on a chair and have a good look in a mirror.  He should show he’s worthy of the responsibility given to him before he starts lecturing others.

Fijilive April 23, 2014 You must register to vote: Elections Office

One Response to “Saneem should attend to his own responsibilities”

  1. Keep The Faith Says:

    Isa Saneem. Ever the obedient puppy singing from the prepared script.

    Wake up Junior. You have had your behind publicly flogged before by your uncle Arse Khaiyum at a past AGs Conference when you thought that you could tell lawyers what was what according to you. Please learn from that incident where everyone was embarrased for you, and realize that you are expendable. You are merely a shiny, naive cog in the illegal & treasonous regimes wheel.

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