Finding supporters is harder than he thought

It’s now the 24th of April and we do not have a new target date for the registration of the Fiji First Family Party.  The 22nd has come and gone.  Radio Regime tells us Frank will move to areas which he is yet to visit to gather signatures.  So what happened?  Where has he been already?  Does he have to go personally to register the voters?  Has he no supporters who can do this?  People are saying that some of the people who signed up as members of the Fiji First Family Nonparty were not registered voters.  It looks like the plan to make it hard for SODELPA supporters to register has backfired.  SODELPA will do all it can to help their supporters register while others who might be willing to vote for Bainimarama won’t be registered!  One thing is for sure:  every day he fails to register is a blow at Frank’s credibility, exposing the lies of the Fiji Sun polls which show him way out in front.

Radio Fiji 23 April 2014 Proposed party defers registration

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