How much for landowners?

The Chinese bauxite mine in Bua expects to export 800,000 tonnes of bauxite to China this year. The regime is being careful not to reveal how much this will earn, fearing that landowners will be angered by the small crumbs that are falling their way from this table. Last year the regime let slip that the price per tonne for this ore was US$27.45 a tonne while Indonesia was selling its bauxite to China for US$48.68 a tonne, a price which included an export tax of 20%. So give the landowners some facts. Its their land that’s being ripped up and sent to China.

Fiji Village: 21/04/2014 Shipment of bauxite to China expected at the end of this month

2 Responses to “How much for landowners?”

  1. saunivalu Says:

    All the dumb landowners getting would be a large hole in their backyard and even a larger hole in their wallet and that’s all they can expect. Fijians are so dumb and gullible. Firstly let them explain this to me, … How could an uneducated bunch of idiots got to run their country and all their faculties????. They themselves, Fijian, should realise, the bunch of no hopers called soldiers are the very people whom the government got from the back beat of the country to serve as soldiers. These bunch of bullies are given orders to carry guns and shoot when asked to.

    Fijian landowners this is my message to you all. Wake up from your slumbering Grog drinking waste of existence and fight for your own rights and the rights of your children. Do not be a grog F^%$ all your life. Be a man, stand up and be counted,

    Don’t be a pushover for these low life that have drummed up your new constitution for you without consulting any of you or your representatives.

  2. annon Says:

    What a stupid comment on the price differential.

    They are willing to pay us$20 more per tonne as the transportation cost is much less from indonesia to china. It would cost much more from fiji to china.

    If u can get that simple maths, go back to class 5

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