Will Ashwin act?

Ashwin Raj was quick out of the blocks to accuse Ratu Timoci Vesikula of hate speech but we’re still waiting for his response to the complaints of misreporting by the Fiji Sun about SODELPA.  The Fiji Sun reported that Sitiveni Rabuka had been appointed to the position of Deputy Leader, only to have this denied by SODELPA who have now complained to Ashwin Raj.  The regime rules about the media are very strict, so there’s no question as to what he should do.  We all know that any other media would be pounced on for making such a mistake, but the Fiji Sun is special.  Like Fiji First it’s above the rules.

Fiji Village: 15/04/2014 Rabuka is not the Deputy Leader of SODELPA – Tabaiwalu


One Response to “Will Ashwin act?”

  1. Ashwin Raj Says:

    I’m sorry guys but i’m so deep with this regime, well ah they are so deep up my hole I can’t help sucking Frank and Aiyaz dick. Worse still is i love my bum buddies Matai Akauola and Leone Cabeduanaibaciveitamana and Maika Bolasonacicikabasutiki

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