Frank at last gets the message

One good thing has come from the frantic tour of country by the Fiji First Family Proposed Party.  At last the regime has noticed that it’s hard for many rural voters (and we all know that basically means iTaukei voters) to register.  People turned up to sign up for the FFFPP party but they were not eligible because they weren’t registered.  They told the Fiji Sun they couldn’t afford to travel to Labasa to register because the transport cost was too high.  At last Frank has got the message.  Many iTaukei voters live in areas where transport to service centres is expensive.

Fiji Sun April 16, 2014 Voter worry

2 Responses to “Frank at last gets the message”

  1. Keep The Faith Says:

    Didn’t electoral voter registration officials supposedly go house-to-house in both urban & rural areas? Or were they ‘politically’ selective?

  2. Rocket Says:

    Weren’t these people told that Airass had decreed signing for the pig’s party was voter registration in itself ? They must be just as stupid as Piggy.

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