Let’s have Frank Watch

The regime propaganda machine tells us that Bainimarama told a village meeting in the Yasawas “Whatever our background, wherever we come from, we all belong, we are all equal.  And only by working together as one nation can Fiji truly be united, prosperous and fulfil its destiny – truly the way the world should be.”

This we are told was his response to the blunt words of Ratu Timoci Vesikula.  He didn’t manage to say anything so direct when he was facing Ratu Timoci so a lot of us doubt he would have the courage to say it to a village audience.  What we need are our own independent reporters on the ground, reporting what Bainimarama actually says.  We all know too many politicians have said one thing to one audience and another thing to others.

Let’s hold Bainimarama to telling the truth.  If you hear reports of what he says, tell the blogs who can report the truth.  Don’t let the Ministry of Propaganda get away with lies.

4 Responses to “Let’s have Frank Watch”

  1. Tomasi Says:

    Rather than following Bainimarama, the other parties should organise themselves and engage the population in their own re-education campaigns to counter the lies and deception of VB and his evil band. The focus should not be VB. Now the focus ought to be on winning the people’s hearts and minds by telling them the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

    This can be done through joint efforts or by individual people and parties. But imagine the positive impact of getting people in all urban and rural centres to hear the whole truth for the first time.

    Fiji One can host a series of panels of reps from various organisations and parties. Coverage by news print media. Focus on the truth that matters to the people. Let the people know.Let the people decide. Forget about Bai and Saiyad. Focus on telling the WHOLE TRUTH TO THE PEOPLE AND RESPECT THEIR RIGHT TO DECIDE. THEY WILL RESPECT YOU.

  2. Wararasa Says:

    FB and his party has been working so hard to get Fiji back on its path to economic recovery.My suggestion to FB is to go ahead with his Anti Corrupt Commission .
    SODELPA is a disguise of SVT and SDL who didn’t do much as they promised in last elections.Levu ga na Corrupt..vakaloloma na lewe ni Vanua.(grassroots).
    NFP,FLP.SODELPA,sleeping in one bed..will they last long?.Only time will tell.
    All the Best to Fiji First.


  3. Wararasa Says:

    lets wait and see.stop manipulating Fijians.They know who they for.Its simple n easy..
    no time for old cards ,(Land,Race etc).sa rauta mada..,

  4. Wararasa Says:

    lets wait and see.stop manipulating Fijians.They know who they vote for.Its simple n easy..
    no time for old cards ,(Land,Race etc).sa rauta mada..,

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