Is the Fiji Airways profit too good to be true?

A lot of people have their doubts abogut the profits that Fiji Airways is declaring.  Can the cuts to the standard of food served and the rapacious charging for excess baggage really boost profits by that much? One thing is for sure, however, and that is that if there is any political disruption through cancelled elections or a military challenge to the results in September we can kiss good-bye to Fiji Airways.  With the huge interest bill to pay for the new planes they cannot afford to have them idle as happened in the coups in 2000 and 2006 when tourism nose-dived.

Fiji Times April 15, 2014 Air Pac Group rakes in $541.2m

2 Responses to “Is the Fiji Airways profit too good to be true?”

  1. Tomasi Says:

    I am assuming that the story as reported here is true. If so, why is it that Fiji Airways has decided on profits and rewards based on its performance over a nine month period. Even assuming the financials are accurate, why has the company decided to ignore the final quarter? Does’t this appear abnormal and improper?

    Given the facts about the Fiji tourism industry, some of the best months of visitor arrival and high spend by tourists are those between May and November. But why the early assessment and declaration? Who made this decision? Why? Why can’t the company wait until the whole year’s performance is known and proper assessments made?

    Finally, who are the major actors involved in this episode? Knowing who made the decision and its implications and the timing of it may help us decipher the hidden motives? Remember, we are ruled by treacherous people, very unscrupulous and evil. Elections is soon (hopefully). They must win the elections no matter what? They must do everything possible to do so, and the means justifies the end for them.

    Who made this decision? Think about the possibilities:

    CEO, the Management team, the Board of Directors, and of course the Minister responsible. Aha. I think we get the picture here?

    Who will benefit mostly from this (charade) decision? Let’s see.

    1. The CEO and his staff because they have more money to take home. But the CEO has just begun and could he have made such a decision given his recent arrival and the history of Air Pacific.
    2. The management team because its a positive decision that rewards performance, assuming the actual performance is good.
    3. The Board also has a lot to gain, moneatrily perhaps and also a major plus in their reputation, especially given the recent history of Fiji Airways under Pfilger.
    4. The Minister? That is none other then AS Khaiyum, the boy from Sigatoka who has become the self promoted god of Fiji, the public face of cunning and evil cabal of people hiding in the shadows, the law giver, the final judge and jury over everything and anything, the destroyer of everything indigenous, just, fair and true.
    5. Dave Pfilger, the former CEO who began a radical organisational change and ran away for reasons that will be revealed fully someday. The truth always comes out.

    How will this benefit Aiyaz? Well, consider these:

    1. Air Pacific declared very profitable means ASKhaiyum gets the credit for all the radical decisions and changes being made in recent years.
    2. More power and clout to exploit in the political schemes,. He becomes even more influential and important to VB and VB’s plans..
    3. More reasons to boast about and to justify the decisions and actions by the dictatorship. They need to tell the people about the great things their regime has achieved because the people will become more aware of all the evils and injustice by the regime as the campaigns begin to begin in earnest.
    4. More votes and positive public relations for his and VB’s party.
    5. It will also help soothe or calm his guilty conscience because of the very radical and improper actions taken about the Airbus purchase. If the rumours are true about money changing hands

    Yes, its interesting when we apply a little of Dr Narsey and Victor Lal’s critical analysis to all the episodes we see and hear about. Oh, there’s more to come, mark my words. These group of unconscionable people will resort to anything to hold onto to power. They are very aware of the evil they have done. But they never factored the possibility that one day, the people will come to know the truth. You see, they thought they would continue to intimidate, overwhelm and enslave our people through ignorance, force, systematic cunning, deceit and maybe spiritual activities. But they must now realise that God’s word stands.

    Let us stand together as a nation, refusing to be victimised anymore. We must seek god’s interventions in our lives. But we must also intervene just as God leads and guides us. May the freedom to speak and our awareness of our own God-given rights help us stand firm, and fight for justice, freedom, peace and prosperity for all our peoples. So help us Lord God Almighty.

  2. kaiviti Says:

    Vinaka Tomasi, that is thought-provoking and probing. Good on employees of Fiji Airways. Like the public servants, enjoy the crumbs that come your way as they have been very very few and far in between, with these regime sucking up all the cream in the last few years. But do take their motto ” thanks frank we’ll take this, but if you think we will vote for Fiji First and its cohorts, poke sara your cici all the way through your intestine up your throat…” hahahehehhawhawhaw….

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