Take it up with Frank

Between now and September Bainimarama will be visiting villages and settlements all over Fiji.  Among the many questions he will have to answer is why the ballot paper people will have to vote on is a mass of numbers.  No-one was consulted about any of the decisions made for this election.  We have one big consistuency and one big ballot paper covered in numbers.  Let’s make sure that everyone who meets Bainimarama asks him why we have this system and why no-one was given an opportunity to comment.  Why does everything have to be handed down from the top like a military order?  The political parties have complained, but everybody should join in and ask the questions that have never been answered.

Radio Fiji 13 April 2014 Political parties call for changes to ballot paper http://www.fbc.com.fj/fiji/19131/political-parties-call-for-changes-to-ballot-paper

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