Who is fooling who?

The Fiji Sun reported that a 62 year old market vendor at Nakasi had christened our unelected leader “Mr Simple”.  Maika Bolatiki, Vore’s faithful propagandist, was convinced that this meant she was one of the Frank for PM party.  But then again, the Fiji Sun thought that Ratu Timoci Vesikula was a Frank supporter when they seized on media accounts of his dump on Bainimarama as a sign of support.  Could it be that this marama from Nabitu in the heart of the Tebara was also delivering her own version of a coded message.  Mr Simple was a double-edged title.  Yes, Frank is a humble man of the people when the election is approaching, but after the election, if he wins, he’ll be back to jet-setting around world First Class at the tax-payer’s expense, with his worthless family on board and Khaiyum back home running the country.

Fiji Sun April 6, 2014 ‘Mr Simple’ wins hearts http://www.fijisun.com.fj/?p=209548

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