Vaniqi discovers cane farmers

We can thank the impending elections for the regime’s CO Sugar Industry, Lt Col Manasa Vaniqi, discovering cane farmers.  He has at last realised that he should have farmer’s committees to oversight work on cane roads to make sure the contractors do the work they’re paid for.  He said crooked contractors had in the past skimped on gravel to save money!  And who said this blockhead is incapable of learning?  However, does he really think that sugar farmers are not smart enough to understand that the only reason they are being listened to now is the September elections.  And Bainimarama needs to understand that cane farmers don’t have short memories.

Fiji Sun April 7, 2014 Move To Stop Corrupt Cane Contractors

3 Responses to “Vaniqi discovers cane farmers”

  1. The Sugarman Says:

    The Sugar Director Gucake tried to hoodwink people by saying FSC had made a profit despite Deloitte Touche saying it will take seven years. On the same token he further said Penang Mill was not included in the costing. Does Mr Gucake think we are fools? Come on Gucake, Penang Mill is part of FSC and to exclude them makes a mockery of your so-called profit. The fact is there is simply no profit because Penang Mill does not, and I repeat, does not make any profit. It is operating only for the sole reason it moves the economic situation in the Rakiraki area. Without it the area is economically dead. It is the lesser evil to operate the Penang Mill and run at a loss than to close it down which would be a disaster for the government. Gucake and his boss Vaniqi with Abdul Khan the sidekick should just come clean. Stop your lies guys. The sugar industry is doomed!

  2. Keep The Faith Says:

    Whenever this Vaniqi dude opens his mouth and starts talking sugar, the whole country’s like ‘Zzzz’, ‘Yaaawn’ & ‘Taxi!’.

    Vaniqi is an A-grade doofus and his folly is that he still thinks no one’s on to him.

  3. Bai Tamata Lasulasu Boci Says:

    Section 185 of the 1997 Constitution no longer exists. Why was it removed? That section specifies that any changes to “entrenched legislation” ie Native Lands Act, Native Lands Trust Act, Fijians Affairs Act etc – must be approved by 9 of the 14 GCC (Bose Levu Vakaturaga) members of the Senate. The GCC members are nominated from the Provinces and represent the native landowners of Fiji. By removing Section 185, Kaiyum’s government has effectively rendered we, the native landowners, powerless over our own land. This power, under the 2013 Constitution now rests with the politicians in Parliament. All these changes were made without the consent of we the native landowners and as such totally unacceptable. Worse, the changes were made by people we do not know or recognise. It was not made by the leaders we elected nor were they made by our chiefs.

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