Joke of the week

Ashwin Raj, the head of the regime’s Media Industry Development Authority, has written a letter of outrage to the head of the Australian Broadcasting Commission complaining about a report from ABC reporter Sean Dorney implying that there’s not 100% media freedom in Fiji. How dare he?  Doesn’t he understand that that’s the kind of reporting that got him banned. And now MIDA is going to set up a media monitor to make sure that all reporting is unbiased. It will use the Media decree to impose a code of conduct on journalists under which they can be fined or jailed for up to 5 years for breaking his rules.  Anyone who says the media isn’t free can be jailed!   Doesn’t Ashwin Raj realize how stupid this is?

3 Responses to “Joke of the week”


    Ashwin keep on sucking Dicks

  2. Kai Tailevu Says:

    Simply a immature prick

  3. Ateca.V Says:

    In Fijian the 2 syllables MI and DA are very unfortunate indeed. The do however very reliably indicate the state of affairs under the bald headed one.

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