Dr Biman Prasad throws down the gauntlet

Dr Biman Prasad, a former lecturer and newcomer to politics, has challenged the self-appointed PM to a debate. He’s also put down a long and substantial list of policy topics revealing the lack of achievement of the past eight years – starting with an economic growth rate that averaged barely 1%, lack of investment, poor services etc etc. He also challenged Bainimarama to get rid of all restrictions on freedom of speech. “We will not be dictatorial, we will not be vindictive, we will not harass and we will not go out on a witch hunt. We will promote a politics of consensus not partisanship. We will bring in a politics of inclusiveness and not divisiveness.” After seven of ruling by decree and harassing all who oppose him, Bainimarama will need to remake himself if he wants to debate Dr Prasad.  What’s the bet that he declines the challenge?
Fijilive March 30, 2014 NFP leader invites PM to debate http://fijilive.com/news/2014/03/nfp-leader-invites-pm-to-debate/57047/

7 Responses to “Dr Biman Prasad throws down the gauntlet”

  1. Keep The Faith Says:

    Be careful NFP Ashwin Raj and his MIDA outfit is out on a rampage to lock-down any noise that is not in tune with the illegal and treasonous regimes cacophony of self-aggrandisement.

    And therefore anything that Nazhat Shameem advises as problematic can be framed as ‘hate speech’.

  2. lawrance Says:

    Biman is one kulina who played dirty politics at usp. He is distorting facts. Pls check your growth number again. Don’t you know basic maths and average?

    I bet my last dollar that Biman will not even get 2% votes.

    Why would frank and AG have a a debate with him. Why should Biman dictate to them?

  3. Lamusona Levu Says:

    No Biman, we will not debate with your and your ilk. Debating is not such a strong side of our PM who is used to barking orders in poor English. What I can offer is a competitive dash through a cassava patch that you can select yourself. The outcome will determine if your party can remain registered or if we need to take it off the level playing field that we have created.

  4. lawrance Says:

    Is just good at dishing it out to undergrad students. Agree with me or you will get F.

    Pls go and check how many votes Biman got the last time he stood for elections? He lost badly. This time he will not got 2% votes. But if NFP get more than 2% in total, he will get a seat in Parliament because of being the leader. In fact, some of his NFP candidates may get more votes than him.
    What has Biman done for the people?

    He threw in the towel after just 2 days when he was NFP leader previously?

    His family are all in NZ, and he already has bought his one way ticket for 19 september.

    He liumuried so many of the staff in the economics dept at usp. He even appointed some very junior staff to teach post grad.

    He back stabbed Raman Pratap Singh who held fort for so long.

  5. joejoe Says:

    Prof Biman Prasad is the best thing that happened to NFP. He has brought what was lacking after Jai Ram Reddy. People who write bad about him are the Labour party supporters becasue they now have to rubbish NFP because their leader is going to jail shortly.

  6. Ringo Says:

    Raman pratap singh, attar singh, parmod rae and other NFP senior stalwarts are not happy with coup by Biman.

    They have worked hard all these years and biman has taken their thunder after retiring from usp.

    Biman is a con artist and I bet my last dollar he will not get 2% of the votes. In fact, a few nfp candidates will get more than him. Mark my words.

  7. amigo Says:

    There’s quite lot of aspersions cast on Biman, by some people from NFP camp who seem to harbour bitterness against him. As a i-taukei he is a welcome change. Attar Singh is another one i’d vote for anytime. So go for it Biman and Attar, many fijians are shopping for changes in people we can believe in…..if you assure the taukei landlord and indian tenant of land security and protection of church and vanua, you’ll be on your way to power.

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