At last someone else gets to Bainimarama’s ear

Pita Driti is locked up because he tried to tell Bainimarama that he should listen to more people than Khaiyum but it seems that some of his fellow Lauans have at last managed to get their message through to Bainimarama.  On his tour of Lau he shared with them details of how the election is going to be run – what the ballot paper will look like, that voting in isloated locations will need to take place before the “one day” vote and many other details that we’ve all been waiting to hear.  By seeing what life is like in isolated locations, where many Fijian villages are, he’s at last understood some basic facts that Khaiyum has refused to see.


2 Responses to “At last someone else gets to Bainimarama’s ear”

  1. vetaia loro Says:

    Looking thru the Rear gives you a cockeyed view.

  2. Timoci Says:

    The corruption of the AG is not restricted in Fiji. It spreads to NZ as well.
    Mr. Robert Khan, the managing director of Radio Tarana in Auckland has been able to acquire FBC broadcasting equipment quite cheaply. This insider deal was between the current CEO of FBC (who incidently is the brother of the Attorney General).

    What I want to know is that where has all the gear of the FBC gone? From what I have heard, all this gear is now being used my Mr Robert Khan for his new Radio station (105.4FM) in Wellington.

    Did the Fijians get a fair price for all the gear and how was it valued and was this available to others in the industry?

    I thought this current government was fair and just and promotes anti corruption.

    And another thing, why is Mr Robert Khan on FBC’s payroll?

    Fiji money being drained..

    Very concerned Fijian

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