Now we know what soon means

We’ve been told for some time that Bainimarama would launch his party soon and now we know what soon means. It means in two months time. His new party will be launched in May! We look forward to welcoming it, whatever its’ name is, to the ranks of democratic parties, after he has successfully signed up his 5000 members and listed all the information about his office-holders etc.

We’ll all be waiting to see who his office holders are and what assets they own up to. We’ll be especially interested to see if Khaiyum turns up as an office holder in the new party. And then there’s the question of the Party’s name – will we really have to wait two months to find out what it is? Can he go around asking people to sign up for a party without telling them its’ name?

2 Responses to “Now we know what soon means”

  1. Aunty Nur Says:

    Why would we want to give the game away early. While Khaiyum and his friends from the RFMF have all the time in the world to prepare for the provisions of Khaiyum’s visionary and holistic decree, we will whack it over the heads of Chodo and the other hopeful idiots with the shortest possible notice. They will run around like chicken, they will scream and yell, they will be confused. In the meanwhile we will have plenty of time to avoid any embarrassment through the assets declaration. With all the cash of Khaiyum and his friends being safely hidden in places such as Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi and Caiman Islands, our leaders will show that they are honest, hard working people on regular 100,000 per year salaries.

  2. Keep The Faith Says:

    As usual, this is some pretty special kind of stupid on display here by the illegal & treasonous Bainmarama and his cronies.

    Still no sign of their sham electoral decree and what it can do to heighten their chances of getting elected.

    Whatever their self-imposed rules of the game are, it will be as onerous for them as it will be for political parties.

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