Bainimarama’s fear of Ro Teimumu

Bainimarama has claimed that Ro Teimumu, the new unambiguously elected leader of SODELPA, is trying to create fear among Fijians. What this proves is that she has created fear in the heart of Bainimarama. For seven years he has had it all his way. He has controlled all the information that we see in newspapers and hear on the radio. Now he has to witness other leaders speaking out and all he can say is that she is an old politician. He likes to talk about “delivery of government services”, reminding everyone that they get nothing without bowing down before him, but he now has to answer questions about all the actions of his unelected government.

10 Responses to “Bainimarama’s fear of Ro Teimumu”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    It will be interesting to see how baini reacts when he is asked tough questions during his campaign. Especially when he is no longer in the Army from where he usually gets his arrogance from. Things like his promise of transparency, that no military personnel will gain, why his salary and that of other ministers are secretly paid by nur bano, why is there no auditor general’s report since he took over, also no annual reports for FSC, FNPF etc., why he released his brother-in-law from prison and gave him top civil service job, why was there no investigation in prisoners torture, why so many Chinese in Fiji and also why they have Fiji passports. These are just a few. From experience, baini is surely going to stutter and sweat furiously. But he will have no army by his side!!

  2. Babakau Says:

    my goodness, come with questions and evidence, and who gave all this info.

  3. Taukei Says:

    Where is the proof ? Nothing constructive coming from Teimumu . Only hate and greed .

  4. kamlesh arya Says:

    Ro temumu nuni kepa was sucking a young man’s tool. The man is the husband of a well known personality.

    Nuni kepa is also a racist and is scared so she is using the race card, vanua etc. Maybe, she wants to take her people back to the old ages of cannalabism.

    Can she deny on the bible that she had an aduterous affair. There is proof, with more than 1 witness from the colleagues of the man.

  5. vani Says:

    RoTeimumu should speak for herself rather than using her title to assume that she has the full support of Rewa.

  6. Noco Says:

    I’m full blooded Rewan….. and I’m not in any way supporting Ro Teimumu, even though she is still my high chief. Vani you said it right…..

  7. Noco Says:

    Bainimarama iko relax tu ga….o keimami na kai Rewa keimami na supportaki iko ga….keimami sa kila na levu ni vagonegonea e tiko vei Ro Buna. Sa rauta mada

  8. Ratu Emori Ritova Says:

    In this general election their will be a blood shed election……cauz behind Bainimara there is terrible fire flame…….this for Fijian to know and find out…..please don’t comment the ROKO TUI DREKETI ,like you talk to an idiot cause it’s very dangerous to talk back to the chief’s.

  9. Lako Says:

    Only truth will prevail itself.

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