Bainimarama party to be seen “soon”

Bainimarama has called his rival political parties “old” but the fact is they are well established and building more support every day now that they have been allowed to operate again. His claim that he will have a party “soon” reveals his weakness. Where is his list of party members? Who are his “office-holders”? Where are all the details they have to provide of their assets? We are waiting.

8 Responses to “Bainimarama party to be seen “soon””

  1. Ateca.V Says:

    The SOON Party. ! Kaila!

  2. Keep The Faith Says:

    Let me guess. As part of the big non-mystery of his party, the illegal & treasonous regime also wants to launch it with much aplomb, ceremony & fanfare (with live streaming tv) as possible so that the grandeur of the event makes up for the lack of ideas?

    I’m thinking even Qorvis is stumped on this one ROFLMAO.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    The problem baini has is that he has never been a politician to know what’s in it. He has never taken part in debates or answered tough questions from the people, or defended criticisms leveled against him. All this is new for him. He doesn’t even know how to form a party, write a manifesto or how to select his candidates. The other problem he has is that his chief advisor, kaiyum, is also in the same boat as him. It will be very difficult for baini to have good candidates as any right thinking person in Fiji knows very well he is a murderer and torturer. To side with baini and then lose in the election would be a big blow for them.

  4. kainoqu Says:

    Keep the Faith – Qorvis had already realized sometime back what a mess the Bainikaiyum project is. The only benefit is that it had given Qorvis money. Propagating for an indefensible act and an unlawful mob is a mammoth task and it is daunting when the tide of a grand coalition of politicians, former government bureaucrats, civil activists and community leaders work against you. This is what we are seeing in Fiji right now and Frank is trying his best to defend himself against it. When the wishes of the people go against you, nothing can protect you – not even the spins of Qorvis! Time will come when Qorvis has to exit from the stage and I won’t be surprised he has already made plans for that!

  5. Anna Says:

    He is going to lose it all, fame with shame

  6. Another military moron Says:

    Natuva has just announced publicly that he has resigned from RFMF in order to contest elections. So, the SOON party starts to take shape!

  7. vili Says:

    As an itaukei, I will support Frank.

    I know the rich fijians do not want Frank. I understand becuase they want to fill their pocket.

    What have the rich and educated fijians did for us poor itaukei. Nothing. Just make noise.

    All my poor neighbours will vote for Frank. Free education, bus fare is what is good for us.

    If his salary is high, good becuase he help poor people.
    He is fijian also so I support him

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