Kalawaci na tamata – the truth about Race Free Fiji

All that braid, all those medals and degrees, service in the Middle East and complete subservience to Frank, but he didn’t get the job. Frank’s Race Free Fiji stops at the gates of QEB. Tikoitoga went from number Three to Number One. No-one needs to ask why.

9 Responses to “Kalawaci na tamata – the truth about Race Free Fiji”

  1. moro Says:

    those are medals for tour of dash duty in cassava patch with pants soiled from cici opening i.e. Frank. As for Aziz it is for arselicking and cocksucking his way to stay there.

  2. Boci Veve Says:

    have these guys ever been in a battle? i mean a real battle like in afghan?

  3. Lamusona Levu Says:

    Welcome to Khaiyum’s race free Fiji. We employ equal opportunity policies here and this means that even the intellectually challenged can get the top job!

  4. Tom Says:

    Bainimarama is scared of Aiz turning his back on his former boss. All he does is aimed at self preservation, and cares not a rat’s arse about anybody else

  5. Frozen Says:

    Now the whole world sees bhai-ni-marama’s lies about removing racism in Fiji. I hope that both Australia and New Zealand sees this hypocrisy. He had a non-Fijian as no.2, but decided that no.3 was better suited to be his replacement. This has nothing to do with promotion on merit; it has to do with his security. Bhaini does not trust a non-Fijian to lead the military.

  6. All Fijians Says:

    Moron – under the new Fiji we are all Fijians so what the F are u going on about???

    • Pita Says:

      Army barracks is racists institution

    • Frozen Says:

      You can be born in Fiji, but you are not a Fijian. The rules of your new Fiji don’t change anybody’s race. If you are born an Indian, an Indian you shall die. It is in the blood and not on your bullshit new constitution you moron.

  7. Babakau Says:

    No war in Afagan, racist invasion, who won…..

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