Where’s our water?

Frank is boasting that water is now a “right” under his constitution but we can all see that a right doesn’t put water in the taps. When he seized power seven years ago he promised to put an end to water stoppages but water supply is worse than ever. Under Khaiyum’s control WAF put more effort into chasing people who it claimed owes them money than it did into maintaining pipes and pumps. We were told the Waila/Tamavua problems were all solved years ago, but it’s obvious this was a lie.


One Response to “Where’s our water?”

  1. Frozen Says:

    The king of all liars is satan. Bhai-ni-marama is very close to him. Anyone in Fiji who has not seen the blatant lies by bhaiya is either and ignorant blind fool, or just plain stupid.

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