Khaiyum has egg all over his face

One of Khaiyum’s biggest boasts was the micro-finance programme to help small savers and borrowers, so he’s mightily embarrassed to reveal that $710,000 is missing from 9200 micro-finance savers accounts in four sectors around Fiji. The man who thinks he can do no wrong has declared that the problem was caused by the fact that “there was no proper governance as such”. So whose fault is this? Who has been running every detail of the Government for the past seven years?

8 Responses to “Khaiyum has egg all over his face”

  1. Frozen Says:

    When kaiyum talks about “no proper governance,” he is talking from experience because he clearly understands it’s ramifications.

  2. kainoqu Says:

    What else should one expect from a government of thieves? There is no financial governance with the Bainikaiyum lot and you only have look at the unaudited public finances and the dubious financial transactions of their illegal government as proof!

  3. Marama Dina Says:

    Beware of the former Microfinance Managers in your midst…….they have stolen money from villagers are are now walking in and out of your office ,,,,,and are now officials ,,,,,screen them and kick them out de dou madua

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Marama dina seems to know everything, and now has evidence of these people stealing from villagers. Why don’t you report it to the police? Since she is a marama dina, I think she should replace these people she is accusing.

  5. kainoqu Says:

    I think Marama dina has strong reasons not to trust the police given its dismal record!

  6. Billy Says:

    These Microfinance programme is actually cooperatives operated by itaukei. The office bearers have used the money. ASk was polite not to mention their names other wise he would be called a racist. But the truth is the cooperatives have used the money and pray for miracles for money to come bac’

  7. Frozen Says:

    @ Billy

    Since ASK is the illegal AG, he should make sure any law-breaking citizen of Fiji is taken to task. Well, then I remember, ASK has stolen so much more than these people that he finds it hypocrisy if he were to lay charge. After all, ASK and those people who unlawfully used the money are in the same boat; the difference being that ASK’s boat is the bigger once and those people are on bilibili’s.

  8. billy Says:


    A typical response shooting from the hip mate. M not a IG supporter but must confess that the opposition is fragmented, un reliable and most of all racist.

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