Khaiyum told to put it in a letter

In his meeting with the Australian Foreign Minister Khaiyum tried to winge about tax problems, leaving Mrs Bishop wondering what’s going on. If there really has been a tax problem facing investment from Australia why didn’t Khaiyum make sure there was a High Commissioner in Suva he could discuss the problem with or a High Commissioner in Canbera who could talk to all the Australian officials. Does he really believe that taxation arrangments are what’s holding investment back? Everybody else knows the problem is an unelected Government which thinks it has a mandate to do what it likes. Khaiyum’s decrees are the problem. For seven years he’s been making them, changing the rules for business, as for everybody else, without even the courtesy of consultation.
Fiji Live February 16, 2014 Write to us, Bishop tells AG

6 Responses to “Khaiyum told to put it in a letter”

  1. write a letter moron Says:

    Does this treasonous junta idiot understand what ‘put it in writing means’?? He just got wiped all over the floor.

  2. Aunty Nur Says:

    The Honourable Khaiyum is the true leader of Fiji. He will teach the Aussis a few lessons. He is currently writing the new foreign investment decree which will stipulate that Australian Investors must invest in Fiji as there is no such thing as a sovereign risk in Fiji. In addition there will be a decree that voids the travel bans imposed on our leaders.

  3. Keep The Faith Says:

    The sub text being that Khaiyum is the clueless & irrelevant errand boy. Inconsequential. Insignificant.

    To retaliate for being publicly ridiculed he bleats on in the national media demanding that visa bans be lifted AFTER Bishop has left. Of course that little stunt was to appease Bainimarama more than anything as Khaiyum gets let in on humanitarian grounds while Bainimarama can not.

    What happens in Ozzie land stays in Ozzie land? Not quite.

  4. DTA imbroglio Says:

    The DTA with Dubai negotiated and signed 24 months ago has far more generous proviso’s but there’s been ZERO investment from Dubai todate.

    Australian investment in Fiji has dropped massively since December 2006 (compared to the previous 120 years – Australia has been investing in Fiji since the 1800’s) and that seems to have raised the ire of our Minister for Trade and Commerce.

  5. Billy Says:

    FDI has shot up to record levels in the past 3 years after falling in 2008 and 2009 due to GFC.

    The good thing is thart FDI is not flowing only from Aust but elsewhere as well. Wadan will tell u that this is good as our risk is reduced as relying only on Aust for FDI can create shocks if something happens to their economy.

  6. DTA imbroglio Says:

    FDI has shot up to record levels but so has unemployment and the cost of living. How do you explain that ?

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