Regime anxious to clear FNPF slate

If anyone needs proof that the regime is worried by the anger about its abuse of the FNPF, here it is. Chief FNPF collaborator, Aisake Taito, has said that Fiji Airways is making early payments on the big loan taken out to come up with the deposit for the new Airbuses bought to be First Family First Class Ferries. When Aisake says “Members don’t have to worry,” this really means we should worry. Bainimarama can keep repeating that pension cuts were needed for financial prudence but no-one believes him. Everyone can see that he treats the FNPF the same way he treats all government assets, ie as his to do with how he likes. It started with the massive fraud of his leave pay-out and salary double-dipping and just keeps going. He takes what he wants and he’s stupid enough to think that we don’t see it. People are forced to remain silent, but they are not blind
Fiji Times, February 12, 2014 Fiji Airways pays loan in advance

4 Responses to “Regime anxious to clear FNPF slate”

  1. regime riva taito Says:

    Oiyauwe @ fakafaka-po ko Taito.

  2. Amber Says:

    The fnpf / fiji airways deal required for six month in advance repayments, so all they are doing is what the agreement obliges them to. Nothing to blow your own horn about Taito.

  3. josky Says:

    More like Taito blowing Ajith and Aiyaz’s horn like the whole bang lot in FNPF executives. Vakadomobula na masi polocaliva kei na uvu biukuila sa caka tu qori.

  4. mahen chor Says:

    Some people can not digest the reality that fiji airways has paid part of the loan in advance.

    Anti regime bloggers will only see the glass as half empty.

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