How embarrassing


Our Pressie had to go and face President Anote Tong of Kiribati and admit that he’s a toothless old tiger.The embarassment seems to be showing on his face. The elected government of Kiribati has been unable to have their Chief Justice travel to Kiribati because the unelected government of Fiji won’t allow him to transit Fiji. Khaiyum has been kicking up a fuss about not being allowed transit through Australia but he can’t see how inconsistent it is to deny another sovereign government the same privilege, even though Kiribati has no other reasonable alternative. To smooth over things it seems the President has offered migration to Fiji if Kiribati sinks under global warming. Sounds like a post-dated cheque on a a failing bank.

6 Responses to “How embarrassing”

  1. Keep The Faith Says:

    Is the marimari brigade hoping to bribe the smaller islets to defend the illegal & treasonous regime and push back on CMAG?

  2. vokisi Says:

    Boci ga na boci !!

  3. LL na Boci Says:

    Do your research properly FDN …..its Tuvalu not Kiribati whose CJ is not allowed transit

  4. asivorosi Says:

    Eveli na cava sara mada nai balebale ni nomu gole i Kiribati kei Nauru. Sa rauta mada na vakaoti lavo kei vakaotia nodra gauna o ira nai liuliu ni matanitu qori. Iko se o luveni namu ga mai liu o sa qai namu levu sara ga ni malaria gauna qo. Sega ni macala o se vutuki Dikoila rawa tiko se o sa lau sa vutu tale tiko ga. Sona levu

  5. Start at home... Says:

    Before playing good samaritan to the rest of the Pacific our Government should first pay the wages of the new nurses and doctors taken into the Ministry of Health in this years intake.

    Since the start of this year none have received any wages.

    Students who graduated with MBBS and Nursing Degrees from FSM and National University of Fiji have been working without pay since January 1st.

  6. Keep The Faith Says:

    So predictable

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