Carry on says Khaiyum

The Khaiyum Krap just keeps coming. He says “start the game, don’t worry if the rules aren’t announced yet”. No-one has seen the Electoral Decree but he says no-one should hesitate to start campaigning regardless. Does he think we didn’t notice he wrote the Parties Decree to try and block the major existing parties and he’s even thinking of how he can change the Parties rules to disqualify his trade union rivals. It looks like he wants the parties to start campaigning so he can see what rules are needed to shackle them so they can’t compete with Bainimarama, who is travelling the country and handing out taxpayer funded presents to win support. Khaiyum will be telling his boss: “Leave it to me, I’ll rig it so you can’t lose”, but Khaiyum is so widely despised that it’s doubtful he can cheat enough to give Bainimarama a chance of winning with him alongside.
Fiji Times, February 12, 2014 A-G: Go ahead with campaign

2 Responses to “Carry on says Khaiyum”

  1. Lamusona Levu Says:

    You folks don’t seem to get it. Our beloved leaders have made every effort to play it by the books. Initially they kept the 97 constitution until an out of control appellate court ruled against our leaders and declared their democratic take over of the racist and corrupt Qarase regime illegal, backstabbing our leaders. Then the visionary and extremely honourable Khaiyum hired his friend Ghai to draft a new constitution. The commissioners went out of control, backstabbed our leaders and came up with a draft that required an interim government and did not provide full forward looking immunity for Khaiyum’s bodyguards. No surprise then that this time our leaders will retain control over the election and their outcome. Just assume they would let the process spin out of control on a so called level playing field. The corrupt opposition would incite disaffection with the government (a crime in Fiji) and would win the election. Then what? A new constitution, punishment for our leaders and their supporters in the RFMF and elsewhere and a repealing of all the progressive legislation such as the media and the essential industries decrees. So it is no surprise that the honourable Khaiyum will play it safe this time. He knows that the entire population will bend over and ask for more when he de-registers parties because their leaders have failed to declare the assets of their families. A grandsons undeclared iPod is reason enough for terminating SODELPA, an undeclared goat owned by an FLP grandfather is sufficient to terminate FLP.

  2. LL na Boci Says:

    Youre a dickhead wasting space and sitting on the fence with all your baku comments.

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