Regime pretends to take action on qoliqoli

With panic set in about the rape of our fisheries and the election approaching Bainimarama has decided he has to do something about it. So what does he do? He orders 410 qoliqolis to be surveyed. That falls into the category of “the cheque is in the mail” political promises. All it does is advertise seven years of dishonesty. Well done regime propaganda gurus for exposing that Bainimarama is just like all the ‘old politicians’!

Radio Fiji 1 February 2014 410 qoliqolis to be surveyed

One Response to “Regime pretends to take action on qoliqoli”

  1. dredd Says:

    Boy oh boy this is a big turn around for the thug whose partial excuse for the coup was the qoliqoli bill of the LQ govt. With the realisation that he needs the Fijian votes he is now reversing his earlier declaration of abolishing the qoliqoli rights. This scumbag will stoop so low to try and win hearts and mind which would hopefully translate to votes for.

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